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Rio is the sweetest girl who loves movies and today she agrees to come see us

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Rio has answered our online ad and we are meeting for her today. Like many of the other girls, we get to know she waits patiently for us while reading a book. She is not like most Japanese girls as... Read More she is not so frail and thin. She has a solid figure and that means she is going to have a great foundation and maybe if we are lucky, a great set of tits for us to play with. Rio is a nice girl and like many other girls, she has answered our ad as she has not had sex in quite a long time and she is a bit lonely. She has not had sex in a year but she is very experienced. She has had about twenty lovers and enjoys sex. Rio tells us all about her first experience in fucking and learning to fuck when she was in high school. She had her first cock in a park in Tokyo. We do not take long asking questions as we are very anxious to get her naked. She has the largest set of tits of any girl who has answered our ads so we are eager to get a hold of those tits and see how they feel in our hands. She is wearing lace lingerie and she does not disappoint. Her body is large but very lovely and so different to the other regular Japanese girls. We get a hold of her tits for the first time and we are in heaven. They are soft and fill our hands they are so big. Rio takes off her bra for us and we massage her tits and now we want her pussy too. She bends over and we play with her pussy through her panties. We then take them off and enjoy the view of her pretty asshole and pussy from behind. We play with her pussy fingering it and then licking it all over. What fun she is and she uses her feet to play with our hard cock. We tell her since we are now hard we could really use a nice cock sucking. She agrees and bends down for some cock. She is like an expert with a cock in her hands stroking and sucking and licking it. We don’t want to come though as we want her to bend over and let us fuck her doggy style. It is so nice we ask her to get on top too so she can fuck us. What a lovely pussy she has and she ends up with a load of cum inside her from her efforts.

Rio is the sweetest girl who loves movies and today she agrees to come see us
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