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Kaede Morimoto is a bit shy but responds to our online ad and agrees to meet

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Kaede Morimoto has agreed to meet us. She is waiting for us in the park. She has seen the messages we have sent online and responded to us saying she would love to meet and see how it goes. We are ... Read Moreupfront with her right away and let her know that we would like to take her to a love hotel nearby and fuck. We do not use the words, make love, but fuck as we want her to understand that is what we are going to do to her. She is an amateur so she has no idea what she is doing, but she has said she agreed to meet as she is a bit lonely and has not had sex in a long time and thought we could help. We told her of course we could help her and we would be happy to spread her legs and dive into her cute Japanese pussy. Kaede works in a bar/restaurant. She meets many people but does not really ever date. Some men hit on her but she does not go out with them. We love that as that means her pussy is nice and fresh and in need of a good fucking. We get Kaede back to the hotel to continue the interview. She tells us about her first time getting fucked when she was in high school. She is so open about her first time fucking we get horny and want her to take off all her clothes for us. She is surprisingly not shy and takes off her blouse and skirt and shows us her matching underwear. She has a solid body and we can tell already that we are going to really enjoy sliding our cock in her holes. She has nice firm tits and a solid build with strong legs. We imagine them wrapped around us as we slide into her pussy. Kaede is an amateur so we need to tell her what to do and she does everything we ask. She pulls off that bra and to our surprise, she has some lovely tits with big areolas that look yummy. Once Kaede gets used to us touching her some we really get into it and explore every inch of her body and pretty shaved pussy. What a surprise to see a shaved pussy on a Japanese girl. She was a pleasure to fuck, enjoy our filmed encounter with Kaede Morimoto today.

Kaede Morimoto is a bit shy but responds to our online ad and agrees to meet
Kaede Morimoto
B80 - W62 - H88
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