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We are a site dedicated to bringing you the best in lovely Japanese ladies looking for sex. Many of these lovely Japanese ladies are older women in their thirties and forties. We also look for teens that do not have lovers but want to have sex. Most of the older women have been neglected by their husbands, and are not being taken care of sexually. These ladies are looking for a sexual encounter. The lonely teens we find do not have boyfriends but need to get out their sexual frustrations so they contact us and agree to meet us for sex. The older women’s husbands are too busy with work and are always away from home so these Japanese housewives only see their husbands late at night when they come home from the office or bar and early in the morning before they go to work. Their husbands do not take care of them sexually. Their pussies ache for a man’s touch. These women have to find love outside the home and that is where we come in. We have put out ads all over social media in Japan asking single girls or lonely housewives to contact us and meet us. We promise these ladies an afternoon filled with excitement. We are happy to say that there are many Japanese ladies that are lonely and in need of companionship who contact us and agree to meet us in a hotel for an afternoon of lovemaking. We hope you enjoy watching these Japanese housewives cheat on their husbands with us in hotel rooms across Japan.

Tenshigao allows you to preview the entire Members Area of the site absolutely free. You get to see every video that is available once you join. Membership is available from $15 per month (for 6 months membership) and your account is automatically renewed each month until you decide to cancel your membership. There is also a shorter full-access trial membership with exactly the same features as the monthly option for less and it automatically recurs as a monthly membership for your convenience once the trial period expires. If you prefer not to be rebilled, you can easily cancel your membership.

You can download all of the content on the website. We are offering differents format …

Yes!! Tenshigao is mobile and tablet ready. You get FREE access to our mobile Tenshigao website with your same login and password! Just go to tenshigao.com from your mobile phone or tablet, log in and enjoy all of your favourite videos. There is no restriction, you can access and enjoy the entire Tenshigao website wherever you are! Our mobile version is optimized for all mobile devices and support a touch intuitive interface. Our website works perfectly with iPhone, iPad and any Android devices!

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Our streaming videos are located in 3 different sizes for Slow Connections (Low-Quality), Fast Connection (High-Quality) and Super-Fast Connection (Super High-Quality). Our video downloads come in H.264 mp4 in 4 different formats: 4K with 6000, HD, 720P and SD …

We release 2 hot scenes per week. Every sex scene comes with full-resolution photos of the action that are released at the same time. So, you can enjoy the new scenes as well as the photos taken during the sexual encounter with the Japanese housewife from her visit with us in the hotel room.


We use the best 3rd party biller for our website. The charge will show up as something discreet on your credit card bill which does not make mention of Tenshigao. We also use encrypted HTTPS protocol for complete security while you are browsing our website.

There are a lot of porn websites available online these days, but the safety and security of your computer aren’t handled the same way by all of them. Our system ensures strong protection of your identity and data. Our discreet billing has no adult references appearing on statements.

We accept payments via majors credit & debit cards: VISA, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, or Diners Club. We also accept PayPal for most of the countries. We offer the following alternative payments to join Tenshigao: Giropay, iDeal, Bancontact, Sofort, Boleto, Poly, Qiwi and many more.

Thanks to our secure third-party biller EPOCH, we accept PayPal from the following countries: Andorra, United arab emirates, Afghanistan, Antigua and barbuda, Anguilla, Albania, Armenia, Netherlands antilles, Angola, Argentina, American samoa, Austria, Australia, Aruba, Bosnia and herzegowina, Barbados, Belgium, Burkina faso, Bahrain, Burundi, Benin, Bermuda, Brunei darussalam, Bolivia, Brazil, Bahamas, Bhutan, Belize, Canada, Congo, the democratic republic of the, Central african republic, Congo, Switzerland, Cote d'ivoire, Cook islands, Chile, Cameroon, Colombia, Costa rica, Cape verde, Cyprus, Czech republic, Germany, Djibouti, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican republic, Algeria, Ecuador, Western sahara, Eritrea, Spain, Ethiopia, Finland, Fiji, Falkland islands (malvinas), Micronesia, federated states of, Faroe islands, France, Gabon, United kingdom, Grenada, Georgia, Guernsey, Ghana, Gibraltar, Greenland, Gambia, Guinea, Equatorial guinea, Greece, Guatemala, Guam, Guinea-bissau, Hong kong, Honduras, Croatia, Haiti, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Isle of man, British indian ocean territory, Iraq, Iceland, Italy, Jersey, Jamaica, Jordan, Japan, Kenya, Kyrgyz republic, Cambodia, Kiribati, Comoros, Saint kitts and nevis, Kuwait, Cayman islands, Kazakhstan, Lao people's democratic republic, Saint lucia, Liechtenstein, Liberia, Lesotho, Luxembourg, Latvia, Morocco, Monaco, Moldova, republic of, Montenegro, Madagascar, Marshall islands, Macedonia, the former yugoslav republic Mali, Myanmar, Mongolia, Macao, Northern mariana islands, Martinique, Mauritania, Montserrat, Mauritius, Maldives, Malawi, Mexico, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Norfolk island, Nigeria, Nicaragua, Netherlands, Norway, Nepal, Nauru, Niue, New zealand, Oman, Panama, Peru, French polynesia, Poland, St. pierre and miquelon, Pitcairn, Puerto rico, Portugal, Palau, Paraguay, Qatar, Romania, Serbia, Rwanda, Solomon islands, Seychelles, Sweden, St. helena, Slovenia, Slovakia (slovak republic), Sierra leone, San marino, Senegal, Somalia, Suriname, Sao tome and principe, El salvador, Swaziland, Turks and caicos islands, Chad, Togo, Tajikistan, Timor-leste, Turkmenistan, Tunisia, Tonga, Turkey, Trinidad and tobago, Tuvalu, Tanzania, united republic of, United kingdom, United states, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Holy see (vatican city state), Saint vincent and the grenadines, Venezuela, Virgin islands (british), Virgin islands (u.s.), Vanuatu, Wallis and futuna islands, Samoa, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe, republic of Korea,


There are lots of easy and convenient ways to cancel your membership. The information you will need is the name of the billing company you joined with as well as the original email stating the subscription ID or members ID and possibly your credit card number.
With this information, you can navigate to the appropriate billing company’s cancellation website and cancel your membership.
NOTE: You should cancel at least 24 hours ahead of the scheduled billing date (Date/Time will be in EST) so that there is enough time to process your cancellation.

If you joined and were billed by Epoch, please cancel at https://epoch.com

If you joined and were billed by Verotel, please cancel at https://www.vtsup.com

If you joined and were billed by JavBill, please cancel at https://javbill.com

After you’ve cancelled, you’ll still have access to the website for the entire time you paid for until the billing cycle ends. Cancelling your account simply stops the occurrence of future charges. The access is not cancelled immediately upon cancellation. Website access will be denied only after your paid access period has ended.

We hope that you enjoyed the site(s) and that you will return and rejoin some of our sites in the future.

We’re positive you wouldn’t want to cancel. Nonetheless, it’s super easy. Head over to the question How do I cancel my Membership? for instructions.

If you forget your password, click the “Forgot Password” link at the login window / page. Provide the email you used to sign up as well as your membership ID, and we will send you a password reset link. If, for some reason, you are not able to reset your password using the above method, please contact our customer support

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You’ll just have to wait for 2 to 5 minutes for your username/password to be propagated on all our servers. If after 10-15 minutes your account doesn’t work, just contact us through our support page – make sure you give us as much info as possible so we can fix the problem quickly!

Please check your spam or bulk email folder if you do not see the email in your Inbox. If you don’t receive an email with your access information after signing up, you can try to retrieve it using the LOST PASSWORD PAGE. However, it may not work if you entered an invalid email when you signed up. If you can’t retrieve your access information using that form, contact us as soon as possible via our CONTACT page so we can send you your access information.

If your access is blocked and you can’t log in anymore, contact us, sending your username and/or the email you used to signup. This may happen if you use your login/pass on different computers at the same time. Our security system may block those kinds of attempts. DON’T share your login/pass with anybody, you’ll be blocked!

There are different methods to download the movies, but the most effective one is the Right Click Method. To download a movie, you just have to Right Click on the movie link and then select “Save target as”. You’ll be prompted to choose a place to store the movie on your Hard Drive (remember where you download it of course!), and then the download will start. To play the movie, you’ll simply have to double click on the file once it’s completely downloaded. Note that if you left-click on the link, your media player will generally pop up, and then you won’t be able to save the movie on your hard drive (and for some media players, you won’t even be able to view the movie).